Entrepreneur Tip #1: Do Your Best, Outsource the Rest!

19 Dec

You are ready to start your new business; CONGRATULATIONS! Now if  you are anything like me, you are ready to wear multiple hats, work that elbow grease, and burn the midnight oil to see to it that all your t’s are crossed and every “i” is dotted. That means, you have done the research on business models, logos and branding, marketing plans, accounting, social media, SEO, customer service and sales tools, promotions, local,state, and federal laws, and you’ve made up in your mind that you will do it ALL. However, RichSista is here to give you your very 1st piece of advice.

Do your best, and outsource the rest!

When starting your new business you should stick to the primary busines

s functions that you are very best at accomplishing and not become overwhelmed with the details of the business that aren’t necessarily your “thing.” You should focus your passions and energy on what you LOVE, and what got you ready to start your business in the first place. There are hundreds of people out there available and waiting to offer you service solutions at reasonable rates that will add much more value to the proverbial bottom line.  Considering that some business practices are done in a certain way in order for your start-up to enjoy the highest return on investment, you should outsource those business practices to those who do them best, and at the very best prices.

RichSista’s suggestion is this: FIND OTHER PEOPLE TO DO THE WORK YOU WOULDN’T DO YOURSELF! (Check out http://www.microworkers.com or http://www.freelancer.com for affordable options for outsourcing.)

There is nothing wrong with deciding that you don’t want to be the person who is responsible for every last detail of your business, that’s why there is an action verb in Merriam-Webster’s dictionary between the word delegant and delegation, you guessed it DELEGATE! Start today.  Be the woman who decides that she will not become self-sacrificing, ego-tripping, with the “it’s my way or the highway attitude” that makes businesses implode before take off. Be the woman who makes research based decisions that impact her customers or clients in an extremely positive

way by providing the best services in the most efficient way at the best prices.

So now that your mind is open to having business partners, team members, contractors, and/or outsourced help, let RichSista.com give you some ideas of where to start for outsourcing possibilities.

1. Create an internship and advertise with http://www.internships.com, craigslist.org, and the local colleges & universities. Use this as an opportunity to train the next generation of women of wealth! Teach these young leaders how to do the administrative work that you don’t have time for when wheeling and dealing to make your next contract happen.

2. Outsource your email marketing by using point & click technology and scheduling automated campaigns with http://www.constantcontact.com  or www.fanbridge.com That way you are consistently communicating with your client base. Make a great impression by offering great information about your industry and business solutions through email marketing.

3. Find strategic business partners and barter services. Choose to work with a local company owned or managed by women of color and help each other by providing equal service & product exchanges to one another. Advertise on each others websites, refer clients to one another, and contract each other for paid services as often as possible.

So from RichSista to you! Do your best, outsource the rest.

Peace, love, and light!

Ashley Peoples

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