Women of color business owners are wanted for audio interviews for RichSista.com. We want to showcase your service, products, or business opportunity for other women of color to be inspired. While we are always looking for video mentors, the audio cast is an awesome opportunity to share your story if you are camera shy. If you would like to participate, please send an email to info @ richsista (dot) com. You can also complete the mentorship form and indicate that you would like to produce an audio cast for  RichSista.com and we will take care of the rest once you click submit!

Help us inspire the next generation of women of color entrepreneurs.

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Rich Sista, Inc. is an empowerment organization currently seeking certification as a community development financial institution to provide financial literacy, online mentoring in business and entrepreneurship, and micro-lending to women of color in under-served communities globally. Join RichSista’s mission to educate, empower, & assist women of color in establishing businesses, generating passive income, cultivating independent arts, investing in community, practicing environmental sustainability, living holistically, and thriving spiritually to secure inter-generational wealth for women and girls globally.

"Are you a Rich Sista? Sign up to be an online mentor!"

“Are you a Rich Sista? Sign up to be an online mentor!”


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